Friday, January 18, 2013

3 Other Useful Things You Can Do with Your Beer

Aside from giving fun and nourishment to many, beer can also become useful inside your home and even your garden. Here the 3 things you can do with your beer aside from being the main attraction in your Happy Hour:

Insect Trap - If you want to get rid of flying insects, then you can set up a trap using beer. The beer's smell can attract a lot of bugs and you can make a simple trap (one-way in, no-way out) for these flying creatures. 

Polish. You can also use beer as a polish for different surfaces especially metal. Dampen your rag with your beer and then rub it down to your stuff's surface. You may or may not rinse it with clean water after that. 

Rust Remover. Beer can soften or totally dissolve rust.  So if you want to save your screws, bolts, nuts, etc, just soak them in beer!